Strategy Module

Value creation

Benefits Realization Management (BRM) assists organizations to integrate Strategy, Programs, Projects, and Operations, identifying, executing and sustaining value.

BriskPPM has been used to manage investments of over USD 10 billion in planning and execution of initiatives of companies of all sizes and industries.

The Strategist

BriskPPM Strategy facilitates collaboration for local and remote teams, with the best set of tools for developing and sustaining a Strategic Plan, Key Indicators of Success and Action Plans.

Create Strategic Plans in minutes, at corporate and division levels, to plan and monitor performance indicators briskly!


BriskPPM Strategy operates “stand-alone,” for companies that need to organize work and deliver results with quick tasks, organized meetings, and clear goals. Get work done in Action Plans.

Also, when teams gain experience, this module can be powered by extensive Project Portfolio Management capabilities (BriskPPM Suite)

Easy planning and Controlling
Strategic Maps and Key Indicators of Success

There are a number of tools to support Strategic Planning but only BriskPPM Strategy is a simplified module for sustaining value in the organization by integrating Corporate Risk Management, Strategic Mapping and Action Plans aligned with Benefits Realization Management concepts and ready to scale to a full PPM solution when needed (Project Portfolio Management)

Start with the basics.  Fast organizational buy-in when you have a quick setup of a new Strategic Plan and the corresponding Action Plans for reaching the desired goals.

Individual productivity tools allow team members to interact with all necessary tasks on multiple Action Plans for delivering results, using an easy approach to Balance Score Card and the development of Key Indicators of Success.