Agile is the in-thing in the project management sector. It is a broad term that encompasses several kinds of techniques, each featuring different features that enable project managers and teams to align their work with the changing priorities.

There are various approaches when it comes to agile methodologies. Frameworks such as Scrum, Lean Development and Extreme Programming are among the popular methods adopted by agile developers/organizations based on their project needs. This post focuses on some of these approaches and how they can be implemented to make project management efficient.

Extreme Programming {XP}

XP is one of the most popular methods. This is because the approach synced with the practices that developers discovered in real project work. The methodology also aligned well with the internet movement where speed mattered. Extreme Programming is also distinct in that it concentrated on the development of software and not as a project methodology. This approach is best suited for teams with 10 or fewer members and certainly not recommended for dispersed or virtual teams.

The elements of Extreme Programming include:

  • Planning {Clients and developers interact}
  • Metaphor {the broad idea told in a simple, easy to understand manner}
  • Simplicity {Product designed with simple techniques yet include all the essential features}
  • Refactoring {for compatibility}
  • Pair programming and testing


Scrum is another popular agile method. Its iterative approach accepts changes and chaos as integral to any project and focuses on systems to be designed to deal or cope with the same. Scrum provides clarity, a clear focus, and transparency that enable the teams to work in alignment with the needs. Under this agile methodology, work is divided and designed in ‘Sprints’ wherein the team will work first with the priority requirements that will add immediate use or value to the end user.

This agile approach can be easily implemented during any stage or time of the project management life cycle, and it has become one of its most popular methods.

Scaled Agile Framework

Some specialists claim that Scaled Agile Framework is one of the leading agile frameworks used by numerous organizations worldwide for enhanced productivity, employee engagement, and quality. Popularly called as SAFe, this proven approach provides integrated practices to support agility. Under this system, the workflow patterns are designed to enable organizations to scale quickly when there are multiple teams. This agile tool promotes collaboration, alignment, and delivery across teams and is being used by several top enterprises to scale their agile practices.

SAFe rules over Extreme Programming in the point that it caters to multiple teams. However, if you have a small team and want a structured approach, Extreme Programming can be the ideal choice.

This informative post is aimed to familiarize you with the qualities of different variations of the Agile Framework. Each is unique, but the selection of a particular approach depends upon the enterprise/project needs.

Agile is another term for responsiveness; are you ready to respond and adapt to the ever-changing requirements?


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