At BriskPPM we strive for being the best!
That´s why ISG promotes a variety of training, events, and challenges to everyone that is part of the BriskPPM Experts team.

In 2018, days were a lot longer for Product Manager Peter Berndt when he was heading the launch of the first version of BriskPPM in the United States and, at the same time, learning more about innovation, team working and entrepreneurship at one of MIT Bootcamps.

With a team of players coming from India, Argentina, Brazil and Estonia, the “Great4.Me” Innovation Project was launched, competing with other 24 teams.

Despite the challenging times, over 20 hours per day of concentrated work at the Bootcamp and the thrill of launching BriskPPM in the following week from the camp, Peter Berndt and the Great4.Me got came through as a top finalist!

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Web Master

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