There are several canvas models available in several websites, books, and references. A canvas model may be applied to different types of situations, from a business plan to a project plan or to develop a new enterprise or to drive innovation. Usually applies with a large printed page with a particular model, and people collaborate with it using post-its and short sentences.

Some of the most popular models are the Business Model Canvas (initially developed by Alexander Osterwalder) and the Project Model Canvas.

  • A business model canvas is primarily a plan as it articulates both the decisions made about the organizational goals and how the organization will achieve the goals. BMC is usually for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a product’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

  • A project model canvas is a tool to transform an idea into a project plan and to excite corporation and communication between all the parties involved. Project model canvas focuses mainly on project development, and the brief one-page overview provides a picture of the interactions between the different topics, e.g., scope, time, cost, risk, and team. It makes the project development process more relaxed, more fun and saves time while creating project documentation due to its interactive version.

With the assistance of DyKanvas – an online tool for creating, editing and developing canvas models, this article will illustrate the modeling of a canvas to develop a Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan model canvas is one of many free canvas models available for use in the application.

Building a strategic plan involves gathering as much information and data as possible that are relevant to accomplishing the organization objectives. The collected information focuses mainly on the needs of the business and the initiative to achieve the requirements. It also includes the strengths and weaknesses that can affect the goals and objective achievement and even the threats and opportunities that may arise along the way. We explore building a strategic business plan.

A strategic plan communicates the organization’s goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise. It is used in organizations to set priorities, focus energy and resources and strengthen operations to ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working towards a common goal. A strategic plan is used to identify any gap between the current state and desired future state and then dictates how to close the differences that exist.


The strategic management process is implementable easily when everyone in the organization understands the strategy. Strategic planning involves getting prepared, agreeing on priorities, putting the plan together, assigning and distributing tasks then rolling out the program. We explore some of the necessary information needed to build a strategic plan using Dyress canvas software;


Context is the circumstance that forms the setting for an event, statement or idea and in terms which can easily be understood. The relevance of performance objectives and priorities should become clear when presented within the context of the entity’s operating environment, purpose, and strategic aims. The Context Is essential for the gathering of data that should assist the construction or adjustment of strategic planning.


The first process of strategic planning is to develop goals that will help you achieve the organization vision then adopt actions that will enable the achievement of these goals. Strategic plan connects the present to the future and shows how you intend to move towards your vision. The organization vision should be aligned to its goals and values because it’s the communication tool to the public and summarize all the undertakings of the organization in general.


Mission statement outlines startups underlying motivation for business, and it spells out the contribution to society that the organization wants to make. Organizations create some strategic plans to help the organization to move in a particular direction. The mission is essential in strategic plans as it helps communicate the goals of the organization to the employees and the public. The mission statement is the overall lasting formulation of the company and what it hopes to achieve.

Focus (Scope and People)

The main focus of the organization should be indicated on the strategic plan to avoid the organization deviating from its jurisdiction. Focus mainly involves the scope of the organization and people like employees and the society at large, and it helps the organization achieve its goals easily as the planned resources align onto the purposes of the organization. To make the activities of the organization running smoothly then the roles and responsibilities should be spelled out clearly. Maintenance of scope reduces conflict thus ensures the smooth running of the organization.


For a plan to more successful then some elements should be met in a strategic plan. There should be a consensus between the management and the board and, many parties must. Also, a proper communication channel should exist, and a follow-through of the action that has been taken by the organization. There should also be guiding principles that dictate the behavior of the employees and the public and this form the core values of the organization. Core values form the foundation in which the organization performs its work.


The organization needs to understand what does the society, and the customers need, and this should be included in a strategic plan so that the organization can work towards those needs. One of the ways to ensure that the strategic plan remains viable and relevant is to ensure that it is hard wired to the needs of the customers. Having timely, accurate and complete information about customers provides organizations the insight into the improvement of the existing customer base and expansion into new service or product line.


Various barriers can inhibit successful planning, and for the plans to be successful and produce desired results then managers must identify any obstacle and work towards solving them. Obstacles can deter the organization from realizing its goals, and the organization should always identify the possible barriers during the strategic planning implementation process. The most common obstacle in almost every organization is the inability to plan or inadequate planning.


Bridges are the factors that help the organization to overcome the barriers that may exist. Almost every challenge has a solution or a remedy that can reduce the challenge effectiveness. Organization after identifying the barriers should then focus on looking for the resolution of each of the obstacle. Highlighting ways of overcoming the barriers in the strategic plan will improve the effectiveness of the strategic plan towards accomplishing the organization goals and vision.


A strategic plan should include long term and short-term goals. The goals set should work towards realizing the organization vision. Objectives should be measurable and can be broken down into actionable steps, and the action plan for each goal should be specific for ease of implementation. It should also have a timeline for starting and ending the action and how the outcome evaluation process. Goals should be communicated to all the members of the corporation to ensure that they are working towards achieving the goals and the goal should also be inclusive.


A strategic plan should indicate the activities that the organization will be involved in to achieve the set goals. Carrying out SWOT analysis help determine the actions to be undertaken.SWOT analysis involves strength and weakness which are internal to the organization and opportunities and threats which are external to the organization. By analyzing this then the organization will know the activities it will undertake to achieve the set goals.

ACME International Incorporation – a sample Strategic Canvas Plan

You can access a sample canvas with initial data for an imaginary company through this link:

This canvas is for “a read-only,” but users may clone this model using the system and alter the contents as desired, as well as collaborating with other members using a mobile phone.

(Figure 1. Application of strategic model canvas for ACME international incorporation)

Dyress canvas software (DyKanvas)


Dyress canvas software is a cloud-based learning management system that can be used as a platform to serve educational facilities of all sizes ranging from individual to large institutions. It offers canvas design and canvas sharing with team participation with mobile or web browsers. It also has several canvas models such as business model, risk model, project model and also allows a google account sign in to the Dyress website where you can access all of its services.


DyKanvas, developed by the Startup Dyress Corp, can be accessed through the partner company´s software BriskPPM, with integrated login to this platform. Users from BriskPPM will have access to a wide range of tools for canvas development, session creation and collaboration with mobile phones.

Users may also connect to the solution at, but some advanced functions may only be available under paid subscriptions.

Extra information (Sample)

The DyKanvas software generates the following content as a report of data that was created with the Canvas. This content can be used by the teams to validate a final version of the documentation, that can then be locked for further changes and become a reference for future comparisons. A session created and locked by a team can be cloned and modified for future changes.

ACME Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 (sample)

ACME corporation is your gateway to a world of powerful teaching tools. Join the corporation to a genuinely custom teaching experience and more possibilities with technology.
The vision of ACME corporation is to be known as the technology experts and resource center for small to medium-sized organizations
The mission of ACME corporation technology is to create technology solutions for forward-thinking organizations
Focus – Scope
ACME corporation focus on being an international corporation offering technological teaching tools
Focus – People
ACME corporation focuses on providing services to all kinds of people all over the world
Purpose and growth
Client focus
Community service
Needs (People/Public)
ACME corporation provides assets and software products in place outside our service for both domestic and international business market
New legal requirements for Data protection in the world increases the complexity and cost of any software development.
Modern and responsive solutions using HTML5 facilitates end-user adoption
Revenue growth
To be a top technology resource
Overall operations
Community involvement
Offers technological solutions to all kinds of products
Put in place an incentive compensation plan.
Coach for the achievement of organizations goals


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